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We are a team of consultants who develop and design custom FileMaker databases. Our Focus is to improve your organization’s workflow.

When selecting a FileMaker Developer that is right for your business, it can be a complicated and even confusing decision. Will you select a developer to suit your needs? What if there is are other developers out there that is better suited? Will the FileMaker Programmer understand my needs and fullfill everything that it claims to do within my budget? Will your staff find the new database to be effective and easy to use?

By taking a few considerations into account, you can remain confident that you have chosen the right FileMaker developer for your needs. When selecting FileMaker Developer, you want to ensure the programmer understands you requirement. This can be done with a blueprint design and proposal outlining agreed method of budget, time frame and schema design. You want to choose a programmer that is flexible, communicates well, understands your unique requirements, and, of course, it must be affordable.

Most of all you need a FileMaker Developer who can design quality database which are easy to use.

Dynamic Business Solutions offers quality custom database solutions. You will find our staff has all the right tools in making your project a success. We offer products that are so simple to use they require little to no training.

When quoting new projects we offer our clients a formal proposal outlining the reason for building your database and how your new custom FileMaker database will meet your requirement. Your proposal will also clearly define each project phase and number of hours and proposed time from in which each phase will be completed. We promise to stay within budget and on schedule.

At Dynamic Business Solutions, we pride ourselves in developing custom database solutions that meets all of your unique needs while remaining user friendly so that all members of your staff can benefit from its employment. After a quick installation, it is only a matter of minutes before your entire team is connected and ready to work. Setup is this easy because FileMaker works over your already existing network to link all staff members quickly and efficiently. From there, our simple to follow instructions will walk you and your team through every step of the program, ensuring that your business will be confidently employing this exciting new tool in no time.

We understand that all members of your staff are invaluable. We also understand that within a company there are varying levels of competency with computers and software. That is why we, at Dynamic Business Solutions, have designed quality custom solutions that is accessible to all skill levels without sacrificing the complexity you require in a product to get the job done right.

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Even with the lastest technology, we understand that sometimes it is nice to have you requests meet face to face.


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FileMaker has a large network for FileMaker developers, but when you find some one with the same goals at the right price it may just require traveling.

FileMaker Consulting & Development Services to Help Manage You Business

Our Collaborative Team Members

  • Kitty Kane

    Since 1994 Kitty Kane has been building and developing database in FileMaker…

  • Mark Kerr

    Filemaker Database/Application Development. Highly experienced in printing, food service and legal case…

  • John Clark

    Educational Consultant at Alpha II Learning Systems - Implement individualized reading and…

  • Kirk Cole

    Financial Consultant Kirk is a motivated, energetic, employee. His strongest suite is…

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Our Services

  • Custom Web Publishing

    Is Custom Web Publishing Right for You? If you have tried FileMaker's Web Direct and are struggling with the limited functions or the high web direct fees, creating a custom web publishing may be the perfect answer. With Custom Web Publishing you can use both FileMaker for you internal clients and any web browser for…

  • QuickBooks Integration

    As you may already know accounting is a complex system. Accounting procedures may also change often. Rather than building your own accounting system in FileMaker, we recommend integrating FileMaker to work with your accounting system. Quickbooks Intuit get regular updates and is trust by millions of users. Integrating with QuickBooks means taking advantage of these…

  • Web Services

    Access your FileMaker Database from the Web FileMaker Offers multiple ways to host your data to the Internet • Web Direct • FileMaker Go FileMaker web direct a simple way to host your database to the web with no extra programming or applications. To host your database to the web using FileMaker Web Direct, your…

  • Consulting

    You know how sometimes when you’re dealing with an issue in your life, you turn to friends and family for their opinions? Companies often need this too, especially when making tough decisions. Often times, clients have a perspective on how to solve the problem they are facing but want to make sure that what they’re…

  • FileMaker Development

    Dynamic Business Solutions is a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partner. We provide expert FileMaker development services across multiple platforms – iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Our expertise in providing custom FileMaker development services is the result of 14 years of experience in developing FileMaker projects. We are experienced in multiple industries, large and…

  • Upgrade Assistance

    In most cases upgrade conversion is a quick and easy process, however before you upgrade it is recommend to make sure your operating system, 3rd party plugs, SQL queries are all compatible with your upgrade. It is recommended to preform a dry run, before your database goes live. Ideally upgrading on a Friday evening and…