Creative Management Software for Advertising Agencies

Finally an advertising solution with one thing in mind...helping you. If your company is like most businesses, you may find yourself juggling several different applications to manage your business. Because none of the programs work together, analyzing and sharing the data can be challenging, which is why our Creative Management Software was developed. Our FileMaker…
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How to Hire a FileMaker Developer

Before you start looking for a FileMaker developer you should first make some discoveries about your business. Being prepared can reduce miscommunication and assure your project is scope is clearly defined. Make a list of the following items: 1. What are the tools my company is currently using to preform job tasks. Make a list…
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Integrate FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks

Quickbooks Plug-In Offers Quick Integration with FileMaker Pro. Many of my clients use QuickBooks to manage their accounting, so it’s important for me to have a cost-effective database solution that integrates with QuickBooks without involving a lot of extra steps. With FM Books Connector, you can easily bring the two applications together to work seamlessly…
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