Absolute Exhibits

Absolute Exhibits, Inc. crossed the threshold into the new millennium with one objective - to work alongside our clients and help them to be successful. We are committed to developing exhibit programs that are not only a triumph in their visual appeal, but more importantly, in their effectiveness within the context of our clients’ business model.

Motivated to launch a family-run business that emphasizes high quality; is an investment for their long term family goals; and develops loyal relationships with their clients; members of the Koren family established their first office in Orange County, California in July 2000 and opened the Las Vegas office the following year. A partnership in Chicago was formalized in 2004. In October 2011 the Orlando branch was launched. Offices in Germany Brazil, the UK and and India have now been established.

The foundation of the company was built on traditions and values as defined by the older generation … and redefined and adapted to the changing world by the younger family members. Clients like the fact that we are large enough to handle their most complex assignments, but small enough to give personalized attention from everyone on our production team.

Absolute Exhibits has recently added four 53 foot tractor trailers along with a number of other smaller vehicles to move all of our client rentals across the country. Business affiliations, an International department with sales people that speak Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Arabic, and Japanese, a national master-distributorship, and partnerships with several manufacturers offer the ability to choose the right solution for every client’s distinct needs. An enormous amount of comprehensive research was done to partner with the right international custom builders for our international rentals. We truly are a one stop worldwide shop for exhibits!

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