Creative Management Software

Creative Management Software

If your company is like most businesses, you may find yourself juggling several different applications to manage your business. Because none of the programs work together, analyzing and sharing the data can be challenging, which is why our Creative Management Software was developed.

At Dynamic Business Solutions, we understand that upgrading each of those programs can be expensive, and we heard you when you asked isn’t there an affordable management software out there that will assist my company by integrating all of these functions into one multi-user, easy to use application?

We are listening, and not only will our product assist you by integrating several of your daily functions into one neat, affordable package, it was developed by advertising agencies just like yourself.

Unlike most software developed by database programmers, the developer of Creative Management came from the advertising industry and had often been challenged to provide professional forms and reports just like yourself.

In 2000, an Advertising Agency called KTC Media started the ball rolling. KTC Media is a small agency that was looking for a product that could help organize their company without putting them into the poor house. Since KTC Media over 30 advertising agencies, photography studios and in-house graphic departments have contributed to the success of our creative management software throughout the US and Canada.

Dynamic Business Solutions prides itself on offering the community powerful software that will help your company with the following tasks:

Organize and manage all of your customers.

Keep notes on leads gathered from sales force.

Create estimates, project briefs, and change orders for clients.

Create project orders for job bags and run traffic reports to analyze real-time project activity.

Allow employees to view assigned tasks and enter time cards electronically.

Create purchase orders against open projects.

Manage documents and images.

Invoice clients based on milestones completed.

As you can see, our creative management software is the perfect choice for any advertising agency that is looking to streamline their business and get organized. This program allows you to do that easily, no matter how big or small that project may be.

For more information, please visit our website at, where you can learn more about this incredible asset to your business.

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