Features of CMIS

CMIS is like nothing else you have seen or used before. With its single entry design, all modules are sold together and are designed from the source up. CMIS is the perfect balance of information, processes, and user interface that make a complete solution for the Construction Industry. Single entry is the key to making things simple. “Just do it once” is the philosophy that drives the integrated design.

Manage all the people you do business with
Keep your leads, clients, suppliers, and subcontractors organized in one place. Save time and money with supplier payment options and discounts. Maintain subcontractor insurance and licensing requirements. Manage your client relations and so much more

Realtime communications and project documents
Full creation and tracking of submittals, RFI’s, Change Order Requests, Meeting Minutes, Punch Lists and general letters. Always have everything in writing and at your fingertips.

Comprehensive information about the job
Shows, tracks, and monitors all aspects of a project. From the bidding process to warranty issues, if it’s needed CMIS tracks it. With the ability to track almost 1,000 data points you will always know where your job stands. The most detailed Work In Process reporting system in the industry that allows for true real world accounting.

Complete costing and proposal writing
Create proposals and cost estimates the way you and your client want to see them. Scope templates, quantity take-off templates, unit costs, assemblies, and RFP’s are some of the tools that are available to you. Track multiple versions of an estimate as the scope develops.

Management, Administration, and Accounting
As the financial heart of CMIS, this area truly integrates the whole project management and accounting functions together. Produce and track all Prime Contracts and Subcontracts and their changes. Produce summary and detail cost reports and track and manage all projected costs to completes. With the seamless integration never overpay a supplier or get underpaid by a client. Real-time entries allow for instant access to all critical information. Full work-in-process reporting lets you see the true picture of how well you’re doing.

Employee time cards and checks
Think of this area as the most comprehensive payroll service that intimately knows everything about your projects. It can handle all types of pay such as piece work, hourly, and salary, as well as unlimited pay rates for each employee.

How you want CMIS to work for you
Because your company is unique, there are about 2000 settings that you can turn on or off to make CMIS work the way you do. We have always believed in that you shouldn’t have to learn the software, but the software should learn about you.

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