Downtown Diva – Main Streets Database Template

Main Streets Database Template

Can your current data-management system be sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (sample verses: 12 Excel spreadsheets, 8 corrupt Word files, 6 random business cards and 1 very frazzled director)? Whistle a happier tune with the Main Streets Database Template, one easy-to-use database* for all your needs!
*Partridge in pear tree not included.

At the push of a button, get…
Mailing labels
Contact lists
Email and web links
Social media
Contact info
Directory listing
NAICS codes
Square footage
Graffiti Inventory
Job statistics
Volunteer hours
Facade projects
Assessment and taxes
Type of use
BID formulas
and much more!

Developed by a downtown manager and adopted by downtown organizations across the country, the Main Streets Database Template is designed to track the information you need, with layouts and reports that make sense for the way downtown programs work.

The Main Streets Database Template tracks all your contacts, businesses and properties in layouts that make sense for the way downtown organizations work. The template, based on many years of actual use in a Main Street program and discussions with numerous managers, can be used for many tasks, from very simple tasks (generating a contact list of board members) to extremely complicated ones (devising a fair assessment formula for a Business Improvement District). It can generate many helpful reports (from vacancies to volunteer hours), make zip-sorted mailing labels, and many other routine tasks—all from one easy-to-use database.

The template uses FileMaker Pro software, available from and, for 501(c)(3) organizations, from You must own FileMaker Pro in order to use this template. We built the template using FileMaker Pro because we think it’s great, user-friendly software. FileMaker Pro is available for both PC and Mac. It’s easy to import your existing data into FileMaker Pro and it’s also easy to export from FileMaker Pro.

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