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Project Management Solution

Creative Management

Creative Management is an easy to use, yet powerful project management software solution developed for advertising agencies, direct mail agencies, inhouse marketing departments, public relations and other creative services. With this tool, project managers can better optimize and streamline valuable resources, while at the same time provide team members with the tools they need to better perform their individual and collective job responsibilities.

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Sales Information Solution


Property Link

PropertyLink is the ultimate sales information solution for real estate professionals. Designed and built working in close association with working industry leaders, PropertyLink shows things from a colleagues point of view, not a programmers! Built for multi-unit address handling, PropertyLink can serve both the commercial and home real estate markets.

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Flexographic Industry Solution

FlexPac Pro

FlexPac Pro is a software solution developed for the Flexographic printing industry. From first contact, through Estimating, Prepress, Production and final delivery, FlexPac Pro is built to accommodate your growing business.

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Alpha II Learning System for Students

Alpha II Learning System

Alpha II is a skills-based system that enables teachers to meet the individual needs of their students, from preschool through adult high school competency. Students are placed in the program at an appropriate instructional level. Because the goal of every educational system is to increase students' knowledge, evaluation must be an ongoing process.

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