Property Link Solution for Real Estate

PropertyLink is the ultimate sales information solution for Real Estate professionals.

Designed and built working in close association with working industry leaders, PropertyLink shows things from a colleagues point of view, not a programmers! Built for multi-unit address handling, PropertyLink can serve both the commercial and home real estate markets.

Customizable "fuzzy" matching logic identifies duplicate addresses instantly. After review, merge them in a single click, consolidating all existing links between properties, contacts, companies and contact numbers. Empowers a manager to effectively monitor the accuracy of less experienced operators. Review and "clean-up" new information in minutes, saving time and money.

Filtered list views allow infinite search ability, combining multiple search requests instantly.
True relational design utilizing One-Fact, One-Place style. Many systems endlessly copy information, bloating your files and decreasing accuracy. PropertyLink helps you avoid that trap, enter the information once, then link it repeatedly.

Integrated workflow with search popups, help you identify existing addresses and contacts. Are-entering them, Link them instead! Email Manager allows you to target anyone from your property or contact lists for email blasts. Customizable templates, with merged contact information give you efficiency while retaining a personal touch. Search your prior mailings for follow-up, with all the information at your fingertips in the email list view.

Automatically cross-references all contacts. If you list a company as a party in managing a property, all the listed employees of that company are linked automatically to the property.

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PropertyLink - Full Version (Mac and PC, Requires FileMaker 13 or Higher)