In most cases, upgrade conversion is a quick and easy process. However before you upgrade, it is recommended to make sure your operating system, 3rd party plug-ins, and SQL queries are compatible with your upgrade. It is recommended to perform a dry run before your database goes live. Ideally, upgrading on a Friday evening and testing though out the weekend.

FileMaker Compatibility with prior versions of FileMaker.
FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced databases only work with other FileMaker software that supports the .fmp12 file format. Files from previous versions of FileMaker Pro must be converted to the new file format to be shared with versions of FileMaker Pro that support the .fmp12 format. In addition, FileMaker will only host .fmp12 files. The .fmp12 FileMaker product family is not backward compatible with any other version of FileMaker software.

File Conversion
FileMaker Pro can directly open or convert your existing FileMaker Pro (.fmp12) apps and FileMaker Pro (.fp7) 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7 apps. All other versions of FileMaker Pro will require a multiple product conversion. If you are running an earlier version of FileMaker, please consult with Dynamic Business Solutions before converting.

Every year FileMaker releases a new version, which has newly added functionality. In most cases, these new functions give developers and clients new tools to get the job done faster and for less cost. If you are running an old version of FileMaker, you might be missing out. Even if your database has been converted, it does not mean that these new functions have automatically been added. In fact, your old database may require a tune-up, old programming may no longer be relevant, and your database may require a clean-up of old references and scripts to run properly. 

If you are converting old that are part of the .fp7 file structure or earlier, your database may need extra attention. 

If you do not feel confident in converting your database files, Dynamic Business Solutions is happy to provide a free online evaluation of your database to ensure a smooth, stress-free conversion.

Call us before converting. We are happy to be available on call if you should have any problems.