An Advertising Agency Project Management Software Solution

Creative Management is easy to use, yet powerful project management software solution developed for advertising agencies, direct mail agencies, in-house marketing departments, public relations, and other creative services. With this tool, project managers can better optimize and streamline valuable resources, while at the same time provide team members with the tools they need to better perform their individual and collective job responsibilities.

One of the key factors to the Creative Management product is its ease of use. The simple to understand user interface allows for an accelerated learning curve so that the user can master the system in a fraction of the time that other more complicated interface systems often require. Though easy to use, it is still very powerful and has the features that most users will demand.

– Manages contracts and leads
– Create project estimates and creative briefs
– Save estimate masters for future similar projects
– Request for quotes
– Create project orders
– Create project deadlines, run traffic reports.
– View real-time activity of project showing, estimate vs. actual time card hours.
– Assign project and sub-project tasks
– Enter time cards against projects and jobs.
– Create purchase orders for outside services rendered.
– Store and manage document/digital assets
– Invoice projects based on completed estimate lines.
– Build with visual navigation and controls.
– Multi-platform, multi-user
– Sold unlocked and completely customizable

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Creative Management – Full Version (Mac and PC, Requires FileMaker 18 or Higher)

Main Menu

My Tasks – Listing of user assigned Tasks
My Time Cards – User time card entry
My Estimates – Listing of user assigned estimates
My Projects – Listing of user assigned projects
Reports – Listing of the user assigned activated reports


– General
– Estimate
– Projects
– Invoice
– Special
– Notifications
– Web Viewer


– Details
– Specs
– Estimate Lines
– Creative Brief
– Estimate
– Notifications
– Attachments


– Detail
– Specs
– Tasks
– Estimate Lines
• Creative Brief
• Estimate
• Notifications
• Attachments


– General
– Payments


– General
– Specs
– Notifications


– Day
– Week
– Month