API’s are a powerful way to integrate FileMaker with other database systems into one seamless solution.

However API’s are not available on all database solutions, and each API has a slightly different protocol.

API stands for “application programming interface” and is a protocols for building and integrating application software.

Currently Dynamic Business Solutions has worked with several popular APIs including:


API’s are perfect for accounting integrations

As you may already know accounting is a complex system. Accounting procedures may also change often. Rather than building your own accounting system in FileMaker, we recommend integrating FileMaker to work with your accounting system. Quickbooks Intuit gets regular updates and is trust by millions of users. Integrating with QuickBooks means taking advantage of these changes with minimal or no changes to your solution.

With Quickbooks (www.intuit.com) the process can be done with ease using Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online version and a 3rd party software. The data can be stored in both QuickBooks and in FileMaker with no double entry.

By integrating your FileMaker and Quickbooks you will be reducing double entry, time wasted entering into multiple systems as well as reducing the opportunity for error. Updating Quickbooks is as easy as a push of a button.


Tired of being a slave to your Quickbooks data? Tired of fighting annual plugin costs. Tired of per-person licensing?

FileMaker now offers robust Quickbook Online API Integration. The API programming is free to use and required no Plug-Ins. All users have access and there is no per-person cost. All modules are seamlessly pushed or pulled, even updates all from your FileMaker database.

With this kind of power imagine the types of reports you will be able to create for your company.

Not convinced? Give us a call for a free demo.

Customers and Projects:
Pushing a customer record between the two applications allows a single entry to be done versus multiple entries by different departments.

You can push or pull invoices between the two applications allowing creation and modification by multiple departments. This allows your staff to create, send, make changes, and accept payments regardless of which department they are in.

Payment and Balances:
You can push or pull payment information between the two applications allowing everyone with FileMaker quick access to view customer balances.

You can push or pull your inventory items between the two applications keeping the books balanced between accounting and sales.

Timer Entries:
Pull timer entries from your FileMaker Pro solution into QuickBooks to effectively eliminate double entry, reducing labor time, and ensuring accuracy.

Access to Additional Modules Include:
– Chart of accounts
– Bills
– Checks
– Lists
– Items and Inventory
– Jobs
– Deposits
– Employees
– Reports
– Sales Orders
– Purchase Orders
– Templates
– Vendors
– General Journal Entries
– And much more!